Wacom launches Cintiq 24HD pen display

Wacom's latest drawing-tablet-with-a-screen promises to be bigger and better than ever

The new 24in (1920 x 1200px) Cintiq 24 HD is the biggest of Wacom's "pen displays". Quite a beast, it comes with a

counter-weighted stand to let users change the angle and height of the screen for optimal scribblage.

Its frame is designed as a resting place for hands and arms, and to provide quick access to the Touch Ring and Express Keys for tool-switching and shortcut action. Meanwhile, there are an incredible 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and 40 degrees of tilt control. Sadly, our hand only does hard or soft and upright or a bit slanty.

Aimed at the design or video pro, the £2,000 asking price might seem a bit steep to the average consumer, but boy do we fancy having a good scribble when it arrives in October anyway.


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