Vodafone unveils new SIM-only deals

Vodafone has just unveiled a whole host of new SIM-only deals that'll help you save some dough if you're not looking to upgrade your phone just yet.Th

The deals cropped up on Vodafone's site today, and give customers a choice between 30-day and 12-month price plans so you can choose which suits.

On the 30-day deal, you'll get 600 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data for £20 a month, or for an extra fiver you can boost your call allowance to 900 minutes.

If you decide to sign up for a 12 month SIM-only deal you'll get more for your dosh, with a choice of 900 or 1200 minutes, unlimited texts and data coming in at £20 and £25 respectively.

You will have a 500MB fair usage policy on your "unlimited" data, which as we saw with Orange's iPhone tariffs, is a bit of a pain if you're a big Spotify or YouTube user. But if you're looking to watch the wallet in the run up to Christmas, one of these deals will help give you a little bit more cash for your festive shopping sprees.

Are you on a SIM-only deal? Let us know your experiences below, and if the Vodafone offers tickle your fancy.

Via: FoneHome