Vodafone sticks on Nokia mobiles's undoubtedly our number one web app – what better way to relive the halcyon days of low rent Britpop than searching through their massi

And having already shown up on 3's INQ1, Vodafone is now bringing its own app to a select string of Nokia mobiles. You can scrobble your tunes, meaning the app will build a profile of the tunes you like and offer up more of the same.

Obviously having it on your phone's the way forward. You'll be able to sign up on the move and start streaming from the get go. And seeing as most of us now listen to our favourite tracks while stomping down the street or nodding off on the train, you'd be mad not to sign up.

It's taking pride of place on the N96, N95, N78 and 6210 now, so we suggest you get downloading. And once you're done, check out our guide to the best MP3 download sites – you wouldn't want to just stream all those tracks from would you?