Vodafone outlines BlackBerry Storm price plans

We've known since we first fondled one that Vodafone was planning on handing over the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm for free on a £35 per month d

That £35 offer only comes with a two year deal, so you're shackled to the phone for what in mobile terms is an eternity. You can get it free on an 18 month offer if you fork over £40 a month, but drop down to a year long deal and you'll need to hand over £300 for the privilege of owning the blower in the first place.

And for smaller deals you'll pay up to £500 for the phone. So signing up seems like it's the way forward. Fortunately though, Vodafone has got a massive 26 different contracts for you to tap up, running to a stonking £80 a month deal which gets you 3000 minutes and unlimited texts, plus email and web. If you're that minted right now, we suggest you share the wealth and buy your mates a Storm too.

We're getting ours very soon, so stay tuned for hands–on video and an in–depth review.


BlackBerry Storm

Price: From £free on contract

On sale: 11 November

Contact: Vodafone