Vodafone launches over-the-air downloads

The war for your download dosh is hotting up. Mobile operators and makers, from Orange to Nokia, want your cash in return for the latest chart tunes a

Already available on Vodafone Live blowers, the new online shop is now available to anyone on the network, letting you access tunes wherever you are, as long as there's a data connection. How MusicStation will feel about Vodafone stepping on its toes we're yet to find out.

You can search by album, artist or genre, play a 30-second clip and then buy a track for a rather pricey 99p. Perhaps this is down to over-the-air still being a relatively new and expensive endeavour. That or the record companies are being greedy. We'll let you make your mind up on that one.

Albums will cost £7.99, so in line with iTunes and other big players. With O2 set to announce a tie-in with Sony BMG, and Nokia Comes With Music in the pipeline, expect Vodafone to give this one almighty push in the next few months.