Vodafone iPhone portal gets tongues wagging

Vodafone is up to something, but what exactly, we can't quite put our finger on.The mobile operator has just launched an iPhone portal in the UK that

The mobile operator has just launched an iPhone portal in the UK that allows iPhone users – predominantly O2 customers – to create a custom page made up of headlines, sporting news and whatever else takes their fancy, from the likes of the BBC, Sky and the Premier League.

Nothing that interesting, you might think. But considering the buzz surrounding the new iPhone, and whether O2 are going to hold on to its exclusivity, this move certainly starts raising some questions about whether we're going to see Vodafone distribute the phone over here as well.

Vodafone already has the iPhone in its grasp in other European countries, and ElectricPig has had word that Verizon  – which is co-owned by Vodafone – is in talks with Apple to introduce the iPhone to its network over there as well, so it doesn't seem a far-fetched idea.

Ultimately it could just be a very clever way to get people talking, but the idea it would put the money and effort to building a site for O2 customers (jailbreakers aside) seems slightly suspicious to say the least.

I guess, as always, we'll just have to play the waiting game to see if anything comes out of this, and we will of course keep you updated. Until then, let us know what you think about the iPhone exclusivity and whether Vodafone should be allowed a look in.