Vodafone BlackBerry Storm leaks out

The touchscreen BlackBerry Storm, known previously as its other rubbish codename, Thunder, has been doing the rounds on gossip sites for months. And n

Shots show off the refined QWERTY keyboard, with features said to include beefed up haptic feedback, which you won’t find on the iPhone 3G or T Mobile G1.

The phone’s release, here in the UK at least, is still shrouded in mystery. Verizon has already been showing off their exclusive deal with RIM over in the States, but this is the first indication we’ve had that Vodafone will be getting in on the act in the UK.

BlackBerry’s been busy already this month, showing off the new Pearl Flip. But let’s be honest, we want to get hold of the Storm now. Expect it before Christmas.


BlackBerry Storm

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: RIM