Vivitar unveils affordable 3D cameras

The ViviCam VT135 and the 790HD mean you can snap and film in 3D without hurting your wallet

Vivitar, the bastion of budget, has managed to bring affordable 3D video to everyone with its new ViviCam VT135 and 790HD.

The VT135 is a snapper that manages 12.1MP in 3D that you can view on the 2.7in screen, but only in 2D – the 3D traits must wait until you view them on your 3D laptop or TV. The 790 HD is a camcorder that records in 3D at 5.1MP and also manages 4x zoom, which is impressive for a 3D device.

Both cameras are out in America now for US$100 with no word on a UK release date yet – eBay, anyone?

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