Visual search wars – Bing Visual Search and Google Fast Flip

The latest shot in the continuing war between Microsoft's Bing search engine and Google has been fired. The battleground this time? Visual search. Bot

Both firms launched new ways to search using images at the TechCrunc 50 conference. Microsoft unveiled Bing Visual Search while Google revealed the slightly more sexily named Google Fast Flip.

Microsoft's Bing Visual Search shows popular categories and queries as thumbnails. Put your mouse over the item you're interested in and it'll jump in to the Bing search box and the images are reordered.

Google Fast Flip is a way to visually flip through news. It shows preview tiles of complete web pages and lets you skip through them. Unlike Google News, its focus is features and comment. It's predominantly focused on US media organisations at the moment but the BBC is in there too.

Bing Visual Search isn't live yet but you can try out Google Fast Flip right now. Let us know whether these new features appeal to you. Is visual search the future?