Virgin rebrand Freeview

[intro]Like Virgin Media's marketing campaign, but don't live in a cabled area of the UK? Then grab yourself Virgin Free TV instead[/intro] Virgin

Virgin Media has been busy since its launch last month. Mostly busy pulling faces at arch-rival Sky, but also spending a little time working out how they can reach the millions of Brits who don't have access to cable TV.

Today, Virgin Media launches an innovative new digital TV service called Free TV, which involves plugging a digibox into your aerial and accessing over 40 channels of free TV and radio... hold on, this is just Freeview. With a 'Virgin-branded, on-screen TV guide'.

Hardly revolutionary, but a nice freebie for Virgin Media's non-cable customers who take out a 8Mb broadband and Talk Anytime phone bundle for a reasonable £20 a month.

Non-virgin customrs can grab a micro-sized digibox, which features dual Scarts, 3.5mm audio and an plus RF aerial output, for £40.

And no, the Nano doesn't come free with box. It's in the picture for scale. Seemed like a good idea at the time.