Virgin Media wristband records the shows you miss when you nod off

Never again miss 95 percent of the Queen's speech
Virgin Media KipstR

Virgin Media has enlisted the help of two young tech fans to develop a wristband that senses when you fall asleep on the sofa and automatically starts recording what you're watching so you can pick it up again after a few well-earned zeds.

Their creation, KipstR, features a pulse-oximeter to monitor heart rate. The smart band tells the Virgin TiVo box to start recording when it senses the drop in heart rate that suggests you've nodded off. Though if it's the TV show that's caused you to lose consciousness rather than your overindulgence, perhaps you won't be so excited to find it's been recorded for you.

The company picked out 14-year-old Ryan Oliver and 15-year-old Jonathan Kingsley from Manchester Creative Studio as part of its Switched on Futures initiative. The pair took advantage of 3D printing for the prototype, manufacturing the piece in flexible Polyjet resin on an Objet Connex printer.

Virgin Media's tied-to-TV sensor experiments aren't going to stop there, as Neil Illingworth, its head of advanced technology and innovation, has talked of show suggestions based on your mood, or even brainwave TV control. We'll have to make do with a standard remote for this Christmas, though.

Are you a TV-addicted narcoleptic? You can register for a trial of KipstR on the Virgin Media website.

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