Virgin Media doubling broadband speed for 4m households

But will it mean you get twice as much done?
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Virgin has announced that it’s doubling the broadband speed for over four million of its customers.

Here’s the lowdown: 10Mb customers will get 20Mb; 20Mb and 30Mb customers will get 60Mb; and 50Mb customers will be bumped up to 100Mb.

Meanwhile its top broadband customers who are on the 100Mb service will be bumped up to 120Mb, which Virgin says will be “the UK’s fastest widely available broadband”.

The upgrades kick off in February and it’ll take up to 18 months for everyone to get their zippy new data pipes.

Virgin will also be handing out future proof modems which can swallow broadband at up to a lightning 400Mb.

Say goodbye to slow-buffering videos and hello to silky smooth Netflix, Lovefilm and OnLive.

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