Virgin 50MB broadband is go

Tired of your broadband chugging along slower than Ivor the Engine every time you fire up iTunes and download a few tracks? Well, if you're up for cha

Virgin says the service is already available to up to 1.5 million homes, thanks to their superfast fibre optic network. Plans are afoot to ensure that every single one of their 12.5 million punters can get involved come the middle of 2009.

Naturally, 50MB will only be achievable a for a few folks, but with plans already in place for a 100MB service, it looks as if Virgin Media is going to be slapping down the competition in a major way in the next year. Sadly, it ain't cheap – £35 a month to be precise. But if you're a web addict and plan to scrap real possessions for digital ones, surely it's the only way to go.

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