ViewSonic's TDi2340 lets you wirelessly sync your smartphone with a 23in touchscreen

Pair this up with a quad-core phone and a Bluetooth keyboard and kiss goodbye to your desktop PC

The desktop PC is on increasingly shaky ground, as smartphones get ever faster – and now ViewSonic's stuck another nail in its coffin with the TDi2340 universal display.

The 23in monitor wirelessly syncs up with your smartphone, tablet or notebook, letting you extend your desktop or use it as a dual display. A 10-point capacitive touchscreen means that you should be able to switch between your phone UI on the small screen and the big screen without missing a beat. 

The TDi2340 connects to your device over 802.11b/g/n wireless, and packs in an ARM11 processor running ViewSonic's custom UI for browsing photos and streamed video from Netflix and YouTube. 

Pair the TDi2340 up with a quad-core Tegra 3 phone like the upcoming HTC Edge, plus a Bluetooth keyboard, and you could do away with the need for a desktop PC altogether.

Details of pricing have yet to be announced, but expect to see the TDi2340 hitting shelves in spring 2012.

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