Video review – Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 has finally arrived with its slick live tiles and screen transitions. But is it good enough to go up against the likes of Android and the iOS?

Windows Phone 7 is the hottest new OS on the block, and while it has continued to impress since its initial arrival back in February, there are some sizeable caveats. Namely, the disappointing omission of Flash, Silverlight, multitasking and cut and paste.

So, it isn't exactly a fully formed operating system and with Android and Apple's iOS flaunting their wares about, is there room for Windows Phone 7 at the party? For some it's too little, too late - the Windows Mobile damage has been done and can't be rectified. But Microsoft is hoping its new OS, built from the ground upwards, can rescue the much derided Windows OS name.

There's no denying Windows Phone 7 is a radical step forward for Microsoft, but is it good enough to to provide genuine competition to the rivals? We're keen to know what you think? So check out our video review and tell us how you think it fares below.