Video Review – Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung's Galaxy Tab has finally been officially outed. It's smaller, neater but packed with just as much features. But the question we all want to know is - is it a veritable iPad rival?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab went on sale in the UK as of Monday - so if you're torn between Apple's Wonder Pad and the handful of tablets that have been catapulted into the mainstream since its arrival, it's worth considering the slab of tech Samsung's been flaunting since Feb.

It's not just about what looks better on your coffee table, though. Like your mum used to say: "It's what's on the inside that counts". What she forgot to add, however, was it helps if the outside is equally attractive. But don't worry, the Galaxy Tab has both covered.

Jobs may have rubbished the Galaxy Tab during his scathing attack on the iPad's 7-inch rivals, but the Froyo-powered device will undoubtedly appeal to those wanting an affordable tablet with a decent touchscreen, WiFi and 3G capabilities, unbelievable portability and a satisfactory amount of iPad rivalling features. Want to know more? Watch it here.

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