Video review – HTC Wildfire

We take a look at the Desire's lesser specced sibling, the HTC Wildfire. It doesn't skimp on those smartphone features, so for a budget phone it's looking pretty attractive. Check it out.

HTC's Wildfire looks suspiciously like the Desire at a fleeting glance. But if you look at it for longer than a few seconds or stop squinting, you'll notice it's missing a few features that make the Desire so… err, desirable. It's considerably chunkier too and not as tall either. But that's because the Wildfire is its lesser specced, pocket-friendly counter-part.

But as is the case with a lot of budget handsets, the Wildfire isn't a disappointment that'll leave you face-palming over its lack of features - well, maybe apart from that low res screen. It's actually quite the bargain considering what's packed into that charcoal grey chassis, including the Sense UI and Android 2.1. So if you're desperately trying to save those pennies but want to keep up with the cool kids, you should check out our video review.

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