Video preview – Microsoft Kinect

We've seen Sony's PlayStation Move, so naturally we had to play with the competition - check out our video preview

Playing controller-less computer gamers were the things kids dreams were made of back in the 80s - or at least they were after watching Back to the Future II. 20 odd years later, it was no longer the subject of sci-fi and elaborate fantasies when the big M announced Kinect, its motion-sensing add-on for the Xbox 360.

We've already tried our hand at Sony's PlayStation Move, so it's only right we got hands on (figuratively speaking) with the competition for a bit of arm-flailing action.

Want to kill that curiosity and see what all the fuss is about for yourself? Head on down to the Kinect Galleries in Covent Garden where you and your pals, maybe even your Mum and Dad can give it a go. But before you all scurry down to your nearest tube station, make sure you watch our video preview.  It certainly brings interesting new gameplay to the world of motion sensing gaming, but just a word of warning, though - you may feel like a crazy person in the process.

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