Victorinox unveils hard-as-nails Swiss Army Knife

Hard as nails because it’s actually made of nails. And knives. Plus a corkscrew and some useless scissors

Scouts of the world, start saving your pocket money – the world’s hardest penknife has just arrived. When Victorinox commissioned Christopher Raeburn to make clothes out of Swiss army surplus stock, he went the extra mile and fashioned this Swiss army knife out of reworked horseshoe nails. The components are much the same as you’ll find on Victorinox’s standard knives with the molten nails being recast for the scales. It’ll come packaaged in the original cardboard nail box when it goes on sale this autumn. We can’t tell you how much it’ll cost, but we’ve been told the limited edition run of 100 pieces will be “expensive”. We suspect the scouting community will find it beyond their means.


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