Victorinox penknife is world’s smallest 256GB SSD

Modern scouts get all the best tech

When Robert Baden-Powell set up the Scout Movement he was more interested in fire-building and knot-tying skills than fitting a 256GB solid-state drive into a pocket-knife form.

More fool him – the modern boy may have use for the bottle opener on his Swiss Army knife, but little interest in the hoof pick or tweezers. But while Baden-Powell’s ideas may have become dated, Victorinox – maker of every worthy scout’s pocket toolkit – has kept up with the times, introducing a trio of gadgety knives.

The Victorinox Slim and Slim Duo pack a respective 64GB or 128GB USB Flash drive alongside blades, nail files and scissors, while the Secure SSD contains the world’s smallest 256GB solid-state drive.

That means modern scouts can gorge themselves on data instead of burned sausages, downloading campfire songs and video knot-tying tutorials. Probably best they don’t download the sort of stuff Baden-Powell would have liked, though. You can get arrested for that.

Victorinox is keeping schtum about price and availability.

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