Valve Steam Box controller design and possible prototype appear online

The Steam Box rumour mill is picking up the pace as the internet throws up more juicy speculation


Rumours of Valve's 'Steam Box' games console are picking up momentum following recent rumors of the game developer's willingness to enter the hardware market.

The latest whisperings on the interwebs have revealed a modular console design patent filed by Valve which would let users swap out components to change their gaming experience – such as swapping out thumbsticks for trackballs.

Kotaku has also uncovered a possible photograph of a prototype Steam Box build, courtesy of Valve employee Greg Coomer's Twitter feed. The mystery box's specs line up with the final console's rumoured spec list – an Intel i7 processor, 8GB RAM and Nvidia graphics – but we're still taking this with a dose of salt for the time being.

Will Valve's rumoured entry into the console market unseat the upcoming Xbox 720 and PS4? Let us know what you think on Twitter.

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