Valve to reveal new Source engine with Steam console?

The engine that gave us Half-Life 2 is being rebuilt for a sequel... just in time for a new console?

Source, the famous Valve game engine that birthed Half-Life 2, may be getting a rebuild for a sequel called Source 2. Could this, along with a new Half-Life, be the launch title for the much rumoured Steam console?

Coders over at SourceTime have dug into Source Filmmaker code to find references to Source 2. While a successor to the engine was always on the cards, the Steam console is denied by Valve, in spite of a controller patent leaking online recently.

We’re hoping Source 2 means Half-Life 3 running on Steam Console 1. Add in the possibility of a new breed of Android consoles, like OUYA, and the future's looking a bit bleak for the current crop of consoles.

[ValveTime via Engadget]

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