Use Doctor Who's sonic screwdriver to control your telly

Get sonicked up with this new gesture-activated remote that lets you rule the TV like a Time Lord

Doctor Who's sonic screwdriver can do everything from resonating concrete to distracting giant maggots. Now it can control your telly, too – with a new gesture-activated remote control designed after the Time Lord's gadget.

The remote, designed by The Wand Company, can be programmed with 13 gestures such as rotating, flicking or tapping. It features four different modes, letting your store a total of 39 commands across different devices - including TVs, iPod docks and DVD and Blu-ray players.

The metal replica of the sonic screwdriver also features an FX mode, so true Who fans can accompany their every command with flashing lights and authentic sound effects.

The Doctor Who sonic screwdriver remote will be available from August in Forbidden Planet, Firebox and the BBC Shop, priced £60.


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