Usain Bolt gets Sky 3D treatment

Sky is really upping the ante on its 3D footage, and will be sharing the results of its latest project with cinema-goers later this year. After record

After recording events such as the Ricky Hatton’s Manchester Homecoming fight last May and a live gig from Keane in 3D format, it's now added some Usain Bolt content to its catalogue.

Otherwise known as the fastest man on earth, Sky captured Usain sprinting 150 metres down a specially designed track in Manchester on Monday. Five 3D camera rigs captured every speedy step, with one 3D rig mounted on a rail cam to get stride-for-stride, first-of-its-kind footage.

Odeon Cinemas will apparently be getting hold of this footage to show on their big screens later in the year, though no date was given.

Brian Lenz, Sky's Head of Product Design and Innovation, said:  "As part of our on-going research and development work, we're continuing to assess how 3D can work across a range of events and programming genres."

Expect more to come then, folks.