Updated Facebook iPhone app hits App Store

We heard about the new Facebook 3.0 iPhone update a few weeks ago, and after Apple taking its time in approving it, it's now available from the App St

Even better news is that the app is now even better than the first one that was submitted.

After submitting it, developer Joe Hewitt started tinkering with the app for further improvements, and when Apple came back to him yesterday to ask him to fix a minor bug, he fixed it within his new version.

The extra features include a landscape mode and the ability to organise the new homescreen. As for what's new since the old version - the homescreen makes it easier to navigate through the app, there are video uploads for iPhone 3G S users, better photo management, and it adds the ability to make friend requests, view and RSVP to events, and read and create notes.

Check out the full list of new features on the App Store, and get to downloading it sharpish. There have been some reports that the app isn't showing in the "updates" section of the App Store for those who currently have Facebook 2.0 on their phones. If this is the case for you, simply delete the old app and reinstall the updated version for all the new functionality.

It's been getting good reviews from what we've seen so far, but be sure to have a play yourself and let us know below what you think to it.

Via: TechCrunch