Unlocked T–Mobile G1 gets Google go–ahead

Like its Apple flavoured foe, the T–Mobile G1 needs a jailbreak for it to play nice with other operators' SIM cards. But in a bid to get develop

Dubbed the Android Dev Phone, it's set to cost $399 in the US, with plans afoot to give international developers the chance to get in on the action too. According to the tech fiends at Engadget, all you need to do is register as a developer and then pony up the cash.

While Google is keen to suggest this is for punters interested in making Android better, surely it's a great way to get hold of the G1 if you're dead against signing up to one of T–Mobile's deals. Buy it now, get yourself a SIM–only offer, and you're away.

For more on the T–Mobile G1, check out our hands–on video and in–depth review.


Android Dev Phone

Price: £300

On sale: Now

Contact: Google