Unleash your inner child with the best bits of Toy Fair 2013

From Wi-Fi controlled tanks to chocolate you can mould, we've scoured Toy Fair 2013 for the best kids' kit. Suitable for ages three and up

Toy Fair 2013 has arrived, and we've wrapped our hands around the latest and greatest the toy world has to offer. Here's what caught our inner child's eye at Toy Fair 2013.

Air Storm Z-Curve Bow


Laser Pegs


Playmobil Police Station


Spy-C Tank

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Light on the wallet but big in the air, this miniature bow uses good old-fashioned elastic to launch foam and suction arrows up to 40 metres. Having tried one out for ourselves (and graced the top of the journalist leaderboard for most of the day) we can verify that this little bow packs a mighty punch. Perfect for realising your Far Cry 3 fantasies.


Combining see-through building blocks and multicoloured LEDs, Laser Peg kits add a psychedelic glow to your construction efforts. Our particular favourite is the flagship Dragon set, which lets you crate up to 57 other models from fighter jets to tanks. Put them together, plug them in and get lost in the pretty flashing lights.

Magic Choc

£70 (February 2013)

This feature-packed police station comes with a working alarm system for escaped convicts, a lockable jail cell and a criminal investigation room complete with tiny details like criminal record files and a mugshot photo station. Morose Scandinavian detective in patterned jumper not included.

Giant Lego Yoda

£115 pixmania.com

This little Wi-Fi controlled tank can be operated via your iOS or Android device while its built in camera serves up a live video feed for first-person view navigation up to 60m. Remote video recording and photo snapping, a tilt-able camera and a built-in mic and speaker make it the ultimate lazy gadgeteer's plaything.

£60 (July 2013)

This adorable electro-pup can react to your gestures, voice commands and touch thanks to its multitude of sensors – while his magnetic mouth lets him play fetch and snack on his fancy LED bone. Naturally it can interact with other Teksta pups, even through FaceTime for long distance canine relationships. Did we mention it can do back flips? Because it totally can.

£3.50 prezzybox.com

Just when we thought chocolate couldn't get any better, we stumbled across Magic Choc, the melt-proof chocolate you can mould with your hands before eating. Create anything you want from little monsters to (in our case) misshapen blobs that vaguely resemble cats. Ideal for those that like playing with their food.

This giant Lego Yoda was the highlight of the day, lighting up the entire Lego booth with its bright green lightsabre. We'd give our left hand to achieve this level of Lego craftsmanship, but we need it. For Lego building, obviously.

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