Unboxed – Sony X series Walkman

The Sony X series Walkman has been everywhere this week, as the suits at the Big S go all out in their attempts to slay the mighty iPod touch. And the

While we're reserving any in–depth analysis until our full review, the model that's just landed on our door mat here at Stuff Towers certainly impresses. That 3in OLED is a stunner, and the noise cancelling is certainly a winner. Just a shame you have to use the bundled ear buds to take advantage.

As you can see, it's a darn sight smaller than the iPod touch. But then what it loes in size it makes up for in portability, durability and hefty battery life. Sony says 30 hours of tunes are yours on a single charge.

We'll be bringing you a full review soon. But while you wait, feast your eyes on these unboxing shots and see it in action in our hands–on video.