Unboxed: Sony Ericsson W980i

After the fearsome clash between Sony Ericsson's W902 and C902 last week, we bring you the two faces of the new 8GB W980i.The first face, shown below,

The first face, shown below, is attractive, alluring and mouths 'flagship Walkman phone' in a come hither fashion. The external display, covered by a sheet of perspex, completely replicates the music player interface to give you full access to the 8GB of storage without opening the phone. Very nice.

Open the W980i up, though, and it's a slightly different story. The keypad looks and feels a little budget and, though it's since grown on us, it initially felt like we'd opened a tub of Ben & Jerry's only to find it filled with Whiskas.

We also have a few reservations about its feature arsenal. While there's certainly enough to keep you occupied with 8GB internal storage, HSDPA and a 3.2MP camera, there's no M2 slot to boost the memory, the camera's LED flash looks a little feeble and there's still no 3.5mm headphone jack.

Can the W980i talk us round from shelling out for a C902? Find out in our full review very soon.