Unboxed – HTC Magic

While we got some very brief hang time with the HTC Magic back at MWC, the Taiwanese mobile titan has just dropped off its second Google Android phone

As you can see from the shots, it really is a far more attractive beast than the ugly duckling that is the T–Mobile G1. Under the hood though, it's essentially the same mobile, bar that rather handy QWERTY keyboard.

While the model we've just laid our hands on is a prototype and the software hasn't been finalised, we found it to be as responsive as its predecessor and as good a tilt at the mighty multitouch of the iPhone we've seen yet.

Obviously GPS, HSDPA, Bluetooth and a 3.2MP all come as standard, but the Magic beats down the G1 thanks to video capture and the inclusion of the Cupcake version of Android, giving you an onscreen board for firing off tweets and status updates.

We'll be giving the Magic a full once over and video review in the next week, so stay tuned for more and make sure you read our full preview. And remember to tell us what you think in the comments section.

The HTC Magic will be available from Vodafone this month.