Unboxed – Amazon Kindle International

Our eagerly awaited Amazon Kindle International has arrived. It is just a Kindle 2, the likes of which has been around in the States for a while. But,

The packaging is very eco and tasteful, finished in minimalist cardboard. A tear-off strip to open the box reads “Once upon a time…”, which is an early introduction to the well thought-out and user-friendly Kindle experience. Ours came with the $30 Kindle-branded leather cover, which doesn’t feel that luxurious.

Size comparison versus the Sony Reader Touch Edition. The is bigger, clearly, but manages to have a smoother, cleaner finish despite having a big ol’ keyboard on the front. Something to note about the Kindle is that it is slippery; getting a case of some sort would not only protect it, but also make it easier to pick up off a flat surface!


We’ll be using the Amazon Kindle like its coming into fashion over the next couple of weeks. Full review and comparison with the Sony Reader Touch in the January issue of Stuff, out December 10.