Ultimate Setup – tennis

Wimbledon’s just around the corner which means it’s time to stretch out those pitiful limbs and have another go at this tennis malarkey

There aren’t any doctors here at Stuff Towers, but it doesn’t take a genius to predict an incoming pandemic of tennis fever. Here’s all the gear you need to ace your way to the top.

Lobster Elite Freedom ball machine

£950, activinstinct.com

This semi-affordable ball launcher is able to eject fuzzy yellow spheres up to 60mph directly towards your hapless body. Adjustable elevation, spin and direction settings, combined with a 1.5-hour battery life should ensure that you’re given a sufficiently lengthy and traumatising workout. 

Nike Lunar Vapour 8 Tours

£90, jjbsports.com

If you want to keep up with your opponent you need to be light on your feet. These Lunar Vapours boast flywire uppers and lunarlon cushioning and whilst we have no idea what that means, we do know that they’re extremely light and offer excellent impact absorption. Perfect for those hectic baseline trick-shots.

Babolat AeroPro Drive GT

£153, prodirecttennis.com

The fact that this racket is Raphael Nadal’s weapon of choice should make it more than enticing enough for you to weild it yourself. Offering both destructive power and deadly spin, the aerodynamic frame is as menacing as its black and yellow paint job.

Powerball 350Hz Metal Pro

£57, amazon.co.uk

Do your forearms laugh at the pitiful regular powerball that’s gathering dust in your man drawer? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to the pro version which packs in nearly twice the weight. As well as a handy treatment for tennis elbow and grip strength, it also works wonders for keyboard-induced carpal tunnel.

Samsung UE46D8000

£1650, homeavdirect.co.uk

If you’ve already pulled a hamstring after a 10 second stretch, then you’ll just have to make do with watching the pros work their magic. With the finals set to be broadcast in 3D for the first time ever, there are few tellies finer than this feature-packed Sammy on which to survey the glorious courtside action.