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Ultimate Setup – retro gadgets

Kick it in an old-school stylee with this selection of awesome retro gadgets

Kick it in an old-school stylee with this selection of awesome retro gadgets…

Commodore 64 from $595

No, not the 1980s original, but the brand-new reboot of the C64. Essentially it’s a modern PC squeezed into a recreation of the classic C64 case, but with another nod to its ancestry it can boot straight into a Commodore 64 emulator for some old-school gaming. Just add monitor.

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Fujifilm FinePix X100 £1000

The most retro of all modern cameras, the X100 has styling inspired by the 1954 Leica M3, yet crams an APS-C sensor and unique hybrid viewfinder into its classic chassis. Complete the vintage look with the optional £90 ever-ready case and £70 vented lens hood.

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Vintcase €80

Apple’s fancy Smart Cover may have that clever magnetic trick, but does it look as swish as this? Nicely aged leather wraps your iPad like a notebook French existentialists might have dropped Gitanes ash on while writing truly terrible poetry on the banks of the Seine.

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Tissot Visodate Automatic £385

A beautiful homage to the wristwatches of the late ’50s, just when Mad Men has made that era totally chic again. Swiss made, with a reliable automatic movement you can see through the crystal back.

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TDK 2 Speaker Boombox £400

So cool that it made it onto our Cool List 2011. Some modern ghettoblaster action complete with iPhone/iPod-compatible USB input and leatherette shoulder strap. It’s even retro enough to have an FM/AM radio with no DAB.

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Caran d’Ache Ecridor Retro £160

Swiss penmaker Caran d’Ache has been making pens with high precision for decades. This silver and rhodium plated fountain pen is the embodiment of that fanatical hand finishing and attention to detail, as well as featuring the trademark hexagonal barrel.

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Eskuche 45 £130

Put some retro styling on your ears with these superb-sounding headphones. Pairing with old-school mixtapes and Walkman not essential, but preferable.

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Lekki Motorola StarTAC €150

Hark back to the pioneering days of gadget panache in the mid ’90s. Lekki’s taken original StarTAC handsets, refurbished them and given them funky new paintjobs. Also available in sober black if you’re not down with the garish colours.

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