Ultimate Setup – Festival gear

Roughing it out in the mud this year? Be sure to pack some of this essential kit 

Crowded mosh pits, questionable music and lax hygiene are once again upon us. Here’s some handy gear to gently ease you into festival season...

Ecco pocket GPS

£70, cutebitz.com

Finding your tent upon your inebriated, poorly lit, late-night return can be a real nightmare. Save yourself the hassle with this life-saving mini GPS system which guides you to a locked starting location.

Yelpie portable safe

£30, yelpie.co.uk

It’s all too easy to be distracted by the glow of a campfire and soothing acoustic guitar melodies while some nay-doers run off with your precious essentials. Deter and detect their shenanigans with this safe which features an ear-piercingly loud motion alarm.

Ultimate festival kit

£15, iwantoneofthose.com

This useful little kit packs in a whole host of sensible items including a waterproof poncho, hand gel, glow sticks, an emergency blanket and even a rehydration sachet for when you’ve had one too many ciders.

Freeloader solar charger 

£30, sportsdirect.com

Modern phones may outclass your old battered Nokia in terms of tech, but they’ll never match up to its herculean battery life. If you must bring your fancy smartphone, invest in a solar charger to ensure it won’t flatline mid-mosh.

The beer belly

£20, lazyboneuk.com

Would you sacrifice the look of your (presumably hypothetical) chiselled abs for four pints of your favourite tipple? If so then the beer belly may be a wise investment, allowing you to stroll around and casually sip your nectar of choice with ease.

Sh*t box

£17, thebrowncorporation.com

There’s no denying that when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. Campsite toilet queues aren’t exactly the best way to spend your time away, so take this disposable cardboard throne with reusable bags to relieve yourself in style. Sort of.


Orange sound charge t-shirt

£tba, web.orange.co.uk

This tech-infused garment utilises the wonders of piezoelectrics to convert vibrations from sound (read: thumping festival bass) to electricity, allowing you to charge your phone whilst rocking out to some hefty heart-thumping bass.