Ultimate setup: Apple iPhone 5s

Spoil your iPhone 5s rotten with this selection of the best cases, headphones and accessories
The best iPhone 5s cases, headphones and accessories

So you've got your shiny new iPhone 5s, fed it your fingerprints and navigated your way around iOS 7. Now what?

Why, you accessorise of course. Spoil it with pretty things and hope that it'll serve you well without a stutter or crack until the iPhone 6 comes out.

Here are a few choice items to start you off.

Case: Radius Minimalist

The best iPhone 5s cases, headphones and accessories

The iPhone 5s is a beautifully crafted slab of tech and an absolute pleasure to hold, which is why entombing it in a bulky plastic case is a travesty. The mankini-like Radius is as minimal as a case can get while still offering a decent amount of protection. Cut from aluminium, it raises the screen and rear of the device when it's lying flat on a table to prevent scratches. Sure, it won't offer quite the same level of protection as a full-body case, but as long as you're not repeatedly dropping your 5s on gravel, you'll probably be fine.

US$70, bitemyapple.co

In-ears: Sony XBA-2iP

The best iPhone 5s cases, headphones and accessories

Apple can say whatever it likes about its EarPods, but we recommend throwing them in the sea and upgrading immediately if you want to treat your ears to decent headphones that don't leak sound. If you've got the cash to drop on these Sony buds, you won't be disappointed. Noise isolating to block out the world, with a dedicated woofer unit and in-line mic controls, the XBA-2iP's earned five stars from our chums at What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision for good reason.

£200, sony.co.uk

Guitar hook-up: iRig Pro

The best iPhone 5s cases, headphones and accessories

This pocketable wonderbox will transform your iPhone 5s into a portable music studio. Mics, guitars, keyboards and MIDI controllers are all supported by the iRig Pro, letting you record vocals and backing tracks direct on your 64-bit superphoone before tweaking the sound to your ears' content. It comes with USB, 30-pin and Lightning cables too, so all your connectivity bases are covered. Rock on.

£120, gak.co.uk

Man about town: Harris Tweed iPhone wallet

The best iPhone 5s cases, headphones and accessories

If you want to make a statement every time you whip out your 5s, and you want that statement to be 'I shot three deer at the weekend,' you can't go wrong with this genuine Harris Tweed offering. It's crafted from woollen fabric sourced from the Outer Hebrides off the coast of Scotland, and doubles up as a wallet for your notes and cards too.

£40, store.griffintechnology.co.uk

Wrist-cessory: Pebble smartwatch

The best iPhone 5s cases, headphones and accessories

A quick glance at the Pebble is all it takes to keep you abreast of your iPhone's emails, texts and notifications. From controlling your music to checking your distances and times mid-run, the Pebble is a formidable competitor to the Samsung-only Samsung Galaxy Gear (and it works with both Android and iOS-based devices). Its e-paper display also means that you won't have to charge it everyday, unlike the Gear. A great option… at least until the iWatch arrives.

US$150, getpebble.com

DJ console: Pioneer DDJ WeGO 2-W

The best iPhone 5s cases, headphones and accessories

If you're a little bored of your songs, why not liven them up with Pioneer's DJ console? Its jog wheel, buttons and various dials, combined with Algorridim's djay 2 app will have you dropping beats, mixing tunes and scratching virtual vinyl like Skrillex in no time. Minus the incessant Wubbing, preferably.

£300, gak.co.uk

Gym buddy: Misfit Shine

The best iPhone 5s cases, headphones and accessories

The Shine is one of the thinnest activity trackers around. Forged from aircraft-grade aluminium, its waterproof construction means you can take it for a dip in addition to tracking your running, cycling and sleep. It's also got a replaceable four-month button cell battery so you don't have to worry about regular recharging – and it has a sleek iOS companion app that it syncs with when you place it on your 5s' screen. Via magic, it would seem.

£100, store.apple.com/uk

For the player: Logitech Gamepad

The best iPhone 5s cases, headphones and accessories

This gargantuan case won't slip into your pocket but it will transform your 5s into a portable gaming beast thanks to its physical buttons (remember those)? It's built to make exploit iOS 7's newfangled support for proper gamepads with analogue controls, a move that's set to seal Apple as the accidental king of gaming.

The only thing holding us back from nabbing one is the fact that it technically doesn't exist. One leaked photo is all the information we have on it so far, though we expect Logitech to officially announce it at some point, so stay tuned.

Hard case: Tech21 Impact Band

The best iPhone 5s cases, headphones and accessories

Is the Radius a little too minimal for you? This iPhone 5/5s case is impregnated with D30 impact fabric which absorbs and dissipates shock force away from your precious phone. It's all got something to do with the intelligent molecular structure of non-Newtonian polymers (they're flexible until they're impacted upon, when they harden up), which in laymen's terms means "drop me, I'll be fine". We think.

£25. shop.tech21.uk.com

On-ears: Philips Fidelio M1

Philips Fidelio M1

Some of the finest on-ear headphones around, the M1s are finished in leather and aluminium, and their closed-back design means the whole world won't know your 5s is playing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. The sound is detailed, punchy and fun without being overwrought or unnatural. Just as we like it.

£125, currys.co.uk 

For your close-up: Olloclip 3-in-1

Olloclip 3-in-1

This neat accessory augments the iPhone 5s' excellent camera with extra lenses to increase your creative possibilities. There are three to choose from: Macro (for super close-up photos), Fisheye (for a bit of distorted weirdness) and wide-angle (for getting a lot more of the scene into your photo). The quality of the photos is outstanding – there's very little appreciable noise introduced by the Olloclip – and it clips on quickly and simply. Just lip it round to swap the type of photo you're taking.

£65, amazon.co.uk

Moga Ace Power (£80)

Moga Ace Power

Apple has finally introduced support for physical game controllers with iOS 7, and one of the first out of the gate is the Moga Ace Power. Although marred by a slightly plasticky feel, it provides you with a full complement of buttons and analogue thumbpads – making it an essential purchase for console gamers who haven't got to grips with touchscreen gaming.