Ultimate set-up – park life

Five gadgety things to take to the park on a sunny day

We’re getting our traditional month of acceptable warm weather right now, so what better time to pack some top tech and head for your local recreation ground? Here are five gadgety things to take to the park on a sunny day.


Portable BBQ Grill



Warm weather. The great outdoors. It’s a situation that practically begs you to grill some sausages and burgers until they’re blackened. This barbecue folds up into an easy-to-carry laptop-esque shape, making it ideal for the park. Provided your local park actually permits barbecues, of course...



Aerobie Skylighter


Otherland Toys

This 12-inch frisbee alternative is still usable once the sun goes down, thanks to its powerful LED lights, which create a psychedelic effect when you hurl the disc towards a pal. The soft edge, meanwhile, ensures that it’s comfy to catch, and won’t develop sharp edges and burrs if you scuff it on the concrete.


Nerf Havok Fire Automatic Blaster



Lay down a withering hail of foam-based death whilst screaming, “Get some!” with this tripod-mounted, belt-fed dart gun, which’ll have your mates dashing for the nearest shrubbery in terror. Meanwhile, the orange plastickiness of the Havok will ensure Her Majesty’s constabulary don’t call in the snipers.



Lomography Spinner



Want to retain the memories of your annual day of outdoor activity this year? You need the Spinner, a film camera that rotates 360 degrees to capture an entire vista – you just pull the ripcord and let the camera do the rest. Check out some of our test snaps here


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