Ultimate Guide to the new iPad hits shelves today

The ultimate tome on all things iPad related is out now. Go forth and cram up on your iKnowledge, with in-depth reviews, accessories and apps

Whether you're already rocking Apple's shiny new iPad 3 (reviewed here) or are looking to snap one up, you'll be glad to hear that the Ultimate Guide to the new iPad (courtesy of Stuff and What Hi-Fi) is gracing shelves with its tech-filled present, right now.

Featuring our expert insight into Apple's latest wonder-slate, you'll find a gargantuan 20-page Supertest including in-depth reviews of all the key tablet contenders for the iPad's crown.

You'll also find a roundup of tests for all the accessories you'll ever need to squeeze the most out of your sleek new iThing, as well as a massive guide on 450 of the best apps to bring your iPad to life.

Feel free to pick up a copy today from all good newsagents to enlighten yourself – you'll be an iGrand Master in no time.

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