Ubanana uCan takes your tunes submarine

As gadget monikers go, we think this is probably one of the most surreal we've come across. Yep, even more so than the Viewty. But even so, the Ubanan

Looking like a cross between some Oakley Thumps and a set of Bluetooth headphones, the uCan is the world's smallest fully integrated waterproof MP3 player.

With just 1GB of on-board storage it's not going to cater for your cross-channel crawl but it should be plenty of space for a Snoop Doggy paddle album or two.

Should your swimming be sub-aqua in nature it's waterproof down to 3 metres and the battery will stay afloat for 15 hours.

But what if a freak wave or playful porpoise knocks the buds from your neck? Don't fret, the uCan is a floater. Yeah yeah, once you've stopped sniggering, they're available to pre-order right now.


Ubanana uCan

Price: €99

On sale: Pre-order now

Contact: Ubanana