Tyent water ioniser tap comes with its own touchscreen

Tyent UCE-9000T ioniser and purifier puts a touchscreen on your tap – letting you control the pH of your water. Apparently you need to do that

Ever looked at your faucet and thought, "What this really needs is an iPod Nano stuck onto it"? Worry no longer – the Tyent Under Counter Extreme 9000T water ioniser puts a touchscreen on your tap.

If you're thinking that you don't need a touchscreen just to turn your tap on and off, you're right – the UCE-9000T does a lot more than that. Its iPhone-a-like touchscreen gives you total control over your water supply's acidity – you can adjust your water's pH between 2.0 or up to 12.0. Oxygenated, alkaline water is better for drinking and cooking, apparently, while acidic water is better for cleaning and sterilisation. It even has a voice guided service to take you through the options.

The UCE-9000T also purifies your water supply, using a combination of active carbon and ceramic filters, alongside an electrolytic anti-bacterial system.

If you want to pack touchscreen tech into your tap, it won't come cheap – the UCE-9000T will set you back US$2795 (£1800). Check out the video below.

[via designboom]

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