Twitter starts censoring dodgy links

Twitter has been quietly beavering away at pulling together a hitlist of known malware sites and censoring any tweet linking to them, it's been report

Anyone using Twitter will have become aware of the increasing amount of spam infiltrating their news feed, not to mention the spambots posting links to websites that steal passwords to hijack accounts.

Although some degree of common sense can prevent this happening, Twitter has decided to take matters into its own hands, without any announcement of its initiative.

Now, when any user posts a link to a site it recognises as a malware site, it deletes the tweet without publishing it and flashes up the message: "Oops! Your tweet contained a URL to a known malware site".

Of course, Twitterers will still have to be wary as it seems the new moves from Twitter will not pick up malware sites hidden in link-shorteners such as TinyURL and, although the latter does use a spam-filtering system of its own.

Until Twitter can find a way of catching out these links too, it's best to stick to only visiting links from friends you trust, and never enter your Twitter username and password on any other site but Twitter itself. That's the advice from, folks.

Let us know if you've been caught out by spam on Twitter below.

Via: WSJ Digits