Twitter – now with extra interactivity

Expanded tweets now feature more page previews, videos and images than ever

Twitter has added an extra dollop of interactivity to its desktop and mobile websites, with “expanded tweets” now yielding more pictures, videos and page previews than ever before.

The micro-blogging service has inked deals with a host of new partners like The New York Times, MSNBC, Time Magazine, BuzzFeed, Dailymotion and TMZ, so if you click on tweets from one of the official accounts you’ll get a story, video clip or image right there on the Twitter site; there’s no need to go elsewhere. Expanded tweets from the likes YouTube and Instagram remain in place as before.

What do you think of Twitter’s extra steps into interactivity? Do you ever use the Twitter website or do you prefer to browse your feed via apps like TweetDeck? Let us know below.

[Via Twitter's blog]