Twitter founder sits on the fence with Google rumours

Google being interested in Twitter is no new story – we heard chatter last year of the search engine giant wanting to buy the micro-blogging won

Even more interesting is that the rumours have been started by Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey, who dropped a rather suspect comment when speaking at the LeWeb 09 conference in Paris.

When asked if Google was buying Twitter, instead of the denial that many expected to hear, Dorsey simply said: “There have been no announcements.”

When pushed as to why he hadn’t denied it, Dorsey said it was the answer that came to him, saying “Twitter is focused on building a sustainable company.”

Google and Twitter have become closer over the past few months, with the introduction of Twitter updates in its social search, but it’s Twitter’s valuable real-time search that is said to really interest the big bosses at Mountain View.

Would Google buy Twitter be a good or a bad thing? Would anything change? Give us your two pennies below.

Via: The Telegraph