Twitter followers up for sale

Getting followers to read your thoughts on Twitter about breakfast cereal and uncomfortable Tube journeys takes time. But now Australian firm uSocial

1,000 followers will set you back AU$87, that's £53, according to the BBC. uSocial has said it will sell up to a massive 100,000 followers. That would certainly explain why so many low rank celebs seem to have so many regular folks hanging on their every idle thought.

uSocial says it has individuals and companies queuing up to use its service. It says they match users by finding out what they're interested in and then recommending you to them. Or you could just use Twitter Search yourself instead.

So far, uSocial says they've had 150 customers who've bought Twitter followers, with another 90 or so in the pipeline. Once again, it proves that Twitter isn't just the tool that helped people find out about Iranian terror or MJ's death. Businesses love it too.

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