Twitter becomes money making tool for Amazon

Amazon has added a new feature to its Amazon Associates program, which will allow members to directly share links to Amazon products and earn money vi

The Amazon Associates affiliate program allows users to make money for advertising Amazon products, earning up to 10% when a customer clicks through and buys the product.

Members of the program were informed via email about the new Twitter integration, which will see a new "Share on Twitter" button added to Associate accounts.

If you can't guess, pressing this when you're on a product page will send a tweet from your Twitter account complete with shortened URL for all your followers to click, unaware that if they like what they see, they could make you a bit of cash.

Even more interestingly, while Amazon and its affiliate will benefit, Twitter won't make a penny from this. Other social networks, such as MySpace, don't allow you to post affiliate links – we'd guess to prevent 1) people making money without MySpace getting a cut, and 2) spam.

The latter is my biggest concern for Twitter – the scheme actively encourages even more irrelevant tosh to infiltrate the popular micro-blogging network, and very possibly, your news feed.

You can be sure I'll be swiftly unfollowing anyone that throws an affiliate link my way, but how do you feel about it? Let us know below and be sure to follow on Twitter. Oh and you can follow me too, if you fancy it.

Via: TechCrunch