Twitter and Google get behind World Aids Day

Two of the most visited websites have shown their support for World Aids Day today, changing their design to help raise awareness.This is the first ti

This is the first time Twitter has changed its colour scheme for anything like this, and sees its log in page and logo changed from the usual blue colour to red – a sign of support for Project Red, a charity set up by U2 crooner Bono to highlight the Aids crisis in Africa.

There is also a direct link on the home page to the Project Red Twitter page, the option to add a virtual red “Twibbon” to your profile picture, and a special #red hashtag that will turn any tweets sporting it, red.

Google on the other hand, which is known to change its homepage to mark special events, is currently sporting a red ribbon underneath the search box and a link to with information on you can learn more, act and donate.

Of course, other tech brands have long been supporters of the Project Red charity, with companies such as Dell and Apple offering up special Project Red products, donating money to the cause for every product sold.

Shazam has also recently announced the first ever Project Red branded iPhone app to raise money for the charity as well.

For more on what you can do to support Project Red and World Aids Day, visit (Red)’s Twitter page and Facebook profile, and check out the World Aids Day website for more information.