Twitter to add geotagging to tweets

If simply reading what all your Twitter followers are up to, seeing their Twitpics and listening to their Audioboos isn't enough for you, you'll soon

Twitter is working on a new API that will allow developers to add location-based info into their programs,  effectively geotagging any tweet you make by recording the longtitude and latitude of where you are.

This might sound a bit scary, but the feature will be optional and Twitter has ensured that exact location data won't be stored for an extended period of time.

It all depends on the developers as to what we see coming out of this, but Twitter co-founder Biz Stone wrote in the official Twitter blog that he imagined you'd be able to do things such as view tweets from the area you were in, whether you follow those people or not.

"This might be interesting at an event like a concert or even something more dramatic like an earthquake", he said.

Stone added that he expected we'd see this feature first on Twitter mobile phone applications, and that it would eventually make its way on to Twitter Mobile and as well.


Now as long as you're not one for panicking about privacy, this feature certainly sounds like a fun one to play with.

However, there's still one thing to remember – if you're somewhere you perhaps shouldn't be, turn off the locator before you tweet. Your boss won't believe you're in bed ill when your tweet records that you're in Thorpe Park.

So is this a step too far, or an ingenious addition to the Twitter service? Let us know what you think below.