Twitch Prime: 21 PC games you can play for free this month

July's games are here, and it's a bumper edition to celebrate Amazon Prime Day

Twitch is the rapidly-growing video game streaming service, of course, which airs esports competitions and lets people showcase their gaming skills to potentially many thousands of viewers.

Don't want to watch someone else play video games? Fair enough – but Twitch has something else on tap that every kind of PC player can get behind: free games. If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, then you automatically have access to Twitch Prime. It's a service that eliminates ads from videos, lets you grant free monthly subscriptions to support streamers, and now includes several free games each month.

Even if you'll never use the streaming service, all Amazon Prime subscribers should snag the free Twitch Prime subscription and download these free PC games from the Twitch desktop app; they're yours to keep forever. And if you do love and use Twitch, then Prime and its myriad goodies is just the cherry on top.

The selection will change monthly, so we'll keep this space updated as new games arrive. For July, Twitch is giving away a staggering 21 free games in honour of Amazon's upcoming Prime Day, with new titles rolling out daily 'til then. But some are only available for a couple days or maybe a week, so be sure to mind the dates listed below.

Free PC games in July 2018

Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition (2-4 July): Obsidian's isometric RPG is a critically-acclaimed throwback to the days of BioWare greatness.

SNK Bundle (3 July-2 August): Grab Metal Slug 3, The Last Blade, and Twinkle Star Sprites all month in this old-school arcade package.

Q.U.B.E. 2 (3-9 July): Love Portal? If so, then you might also dig this first-person puzzler.

Battle Chef Brigade (4-10 July): Cooking competitions meet puzzle games meet beat-'em-ups in this offbeat indie gem.

Manual Samuel (5-11 July): Can you avoid death for a full day by manually controlling each part of Samuel's body in this cartoonish oddity?

GoNNER (6-12 July): It's all run-and-gun chaos in this procedurally-generated 2D shooter.

Next Up Hero (7-13 July): This Gauntlet-esque dungeon crawler is probably best experienced with mates alongside.

Uurnog Uurnlimited (8-14 July): If you manage to get past the title, you'll find a trippy 2D puzzle-platformer within.

Hue (9-15 July): This stunning puzzle adventure finds you swapping colours to alter and progress through the world.

Deponia Doomsday (10-16 July): A traditional, cartoonish point-and-click adventure, though you might want to play the earlier entries first.

Observer (11-17 July): If you're a fan of grim, cyberpunk horror, this one's a must-play.

Tacoma (12-18 July): Why was the titular space station abandoned? Find out by replaying the 3D recordings of the former passengers and piecing it together.

The Bridge (13-26 July): Solve 48 mind-numbing puzzles inspired by the impossible creations of M.C. Escher.

Brutal Legend (14-27 July): Double Fine's very weird adventure is a love letter to heavy metal music and imagery.

The Red Strings Club (15-21 July): This cyberpunk adventure stars a bartender, a hacker, and a robot trying to take down a brainwashing conspiracy.

Tyranny (16-18 July): Here's another Obsidian-made role-player that acts like the old-school isometric gems and puts a big premium on player choice.

Broken Age (17-31 July): This Double Fine point-and-click adventure stars a pair of teenagers trying to break free from their frustrating lives.

The Framed Collection (18-31 July): The Framed games are like interactive comic books, as you rearrange panels to advance the storyline.

Serial Cleaner (18-31 July): Who cleans up the bloody mess after a mob hit? In Serial Cleaner, you do. Enjoy!