Tuze your tunes wisely with

[intro]Daunted by the world of digital downloads? makes the whole thing a doddle. Just try and ignore the name[/intro] Check out Tune

Check out Tune Tuzer – awful name, brilliant idea. In fact, the more I think about that name the more it makes me want to throw small defenceless animals into a pit of psychotic wolves.

It’s basically just a single page of your run-of-the-mill interweb, but on that page it lists details of every major music download site including price, bitrate, format and whether it uses DRM or not.

Explore a little further and there are a few handy pages explaining what DRM, bitrate and format all mean. Handy if you’re just starting out in the big, bad world of music downloads.

Pick of the bunch for me are Bleep and indie legend Rough Trade (pictured) which both offer DRM-free MP3s at near-lossless 320kbps for 99p each, or £7 an album. You could do worse than swinging by Rough Trade and checking out Essex post-rockers Redjetson and their awesome new double a-side single, Racing in the Mire/The Unravelling – it’s out on Monday.