Turtle Beach launches Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 headsets at E3

The gaming headset experts have unveiled a new line-up of audio accessories with plenty of limited edition CoD treats

A good pair of gaming cans is hard to find. And that's why we're glad Turtle Beach hasn't been shirking on its duties to gamers on the audio front at E3 this year.

For console gamers, there's the Ear Force PLa and XLa – if you can't work out which is PS3 and which Xbox 360, please leave the website in an orderly fashion. Both USB powered headsets have 'amplified audio', built-in bass, a microphone monitor and volume controls to balance chatting with sound from the game and you can use the PLa with PC and Mac too.

Next up, for keyboard addicts is the Ear Force ZLa with 40mm speakers and in-line volume controls that'll connect to your PC or Mac's headphone jack. And the Ear Force M7's combination of leatherette headband, memory foam ear cushions and 50mm speakers should make gaming on your smartphone, tablet, Vita or iPod Touch a dangerously distracting experience.

OK CoD time. The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Ear Force line-up kicks off with the Bluetooth, Dolby Surround Sound and exclusive audio presets-rocking Ear Force Tango and gets more affordable. The top of the line Tango's rechargeable battery will last for up to 15 hours of gameplay and you'll get unique Black Ops 2 voice prompts.

You'll want the Ear Force Sierra for pro tournaments – there's voice morphing and a 'Sonic Lens sound field expander' to help you detect enemy footsteps – and Turtle Beach is also releasing the Ear Force Kilo for audiophiles, the wireless Ear Force X-Ray and Ear Force Earbuds. Phew, we're off to have a play at E3 but we'll let you know prices and release dates when we get them.

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