Turn your mobile into a projector with PicoP

We can just about watch an episode of Family Guy on our Nanos but we’d be pushed to enjoy anything longer, let alone share the pleasure with fri

But Microvision believes it has a solution, in the form of its PicoP projector. About the size of a PDA, this diminutive image-chucker is capable of throwing a 2.5m image.

Eventually the company hopes to embed the projector directly into phones and players, as the relevant technology is just 7mm thick.

The PicoP delivers a widescreen WVGA image of 848x480 pixels, and is said to have a battery life of 2.5 hours - enough for an entire movie.

And as the image shows, you can project onto people’s backs, which suggests to us a 21st-century update to sellotaping ‘kick me’ onto our office colleagues’ shoulders.

Microvision will demonstrate its prototype at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and we’ll be there to report... er… back.



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